In the interest of helping solve the perpetual issues of understaffing, rushed training, poor employee retention, and to combat the rapidly rising cost of living in Austin we, the members of Drafthouse United - Flagship, demand management make the following change:

Raise Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar’s minimum wage to $20/hr. For employees in a trainer role, raise it to $22/hr. For employees in a shift lead role, raise it to $24/hr. For employees in a supervisor position, raise it to $26/hr. For current employees not in the tip pool, increase their wages to match the above, and allow for regular cost of living increases to wages, including the base rate. With the exponentially rising cost of living and recent shortage of labor suffered by many companies, Alamo Drafthouse should always strive to pay its employees not just a minimum, but a thriving wage. This ensures that the quality of work and life for its employees stays exemplary.

If using a tip pool is the direction the company would like to continue going, we propose starting all new server support employees at $6/hr + the tip pool. Server staff will start at $8/hr, with wage increases matching those outlined above.

We would like to see these changes enacted before or by June 30, 2022